A downloadable game for Windows

Name - Truce

Genre - Story Rich, Choices Matter, 2D Platformer

Theme and Setting - 

You roleplay as the "TruceKeeper" appointed by the UN (United Nations). You are globally recognized and the hold the license of a TruceKeeper Diplomat. As the TruceKeeper you are trained in stealth combat and have years of experience in diplomacy and politics.

Your job as the TruceKeeper is to ensure there is Truce by any means possible between countries and the war doesn't break out.


WASD or Arrow Keys - Movement

SpaceBar - Jump

E - Interact Button (Can interact with corpses, stealth kill enemies from behind)

P.S. - This game was developed within 3 days for the BYOG 2018 Game Jam.


Game.zip 15 MB